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Technology Partnership: It covers planning, rightsizing, deployment, configuration management,  preventative maintenance & troubleshooting. It gives you assurance that professional attention will be given to your infrastructure when you need it the most.

Key benefits!

  • Maintenance contract is the best way to gain peace of mind, assurance that a certified technician will look into your challenges as soon as they arise.
  • Benefit from our HelpDesk outsourcing, Staff Developpment-Augmentation services when it matters the most.
  • Our GreenIT solutions save you a lot of money by deploying shared computing and hardware virtualization.
  • Helps you benefit from recent computing hardware and software advancements

  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Specialized Software
  • Desktops, Laptops
  • Data Migrations
  • Windows Servers and Upgrades
  • VMware ESX Servers
  • Smart Boards
  • Document cameras
  • Projectors, Printers
  • Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Parts and Accessories Upgrades
  • Asset Management
  • Voice and Data Cabling
  • Repairing, moving drops
  • Network equipment maintenance
  • Repairing outlets and/or Patch Panel Punchdowns
  • Wireless AP and LAN Bridging
  • Inspection, Testing and Repair
  • Server and Network Support
  • VoIP Forms
  • Routing and Switching
  • Maintenance and Optimization
  • Firmware and software updates
  • Online Backup and SAN configuration
  • Email Archiving and Data Retention
  • Server virtualization & hosting
  • IDPS, Security hardening
  • Hardware, Software support
  • 365/7/24 Support
  • Routing and switching support
  • Backup, SAN support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Onsite-Remote support
  • Firmware and software updates
  • HelpDesk Outsourcing
  • Staff development(Best practices)
  • Optimization(Peak performance)
  • Patches and updates
  • Dust free & Peripherals cleanup
  • Cabling protection
  • Memory upgrades
  • Power fluctuations protection
  • Backups and archiving
  • System Refresh
  • Bios Updates
  • Image configuration management

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